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regarding 單詞用法 編輯 柯林斯英漢雙解大詞典 regarding /rɪˈɡɑːdɪŋ/ CET4 TEM8 1.PREP You can use regarding to indicate the subject that is being talked or written about. 關于; 至于
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Regarding, as regards, in regard(s) to, with regard(s) to
In regard to, with regard to, regarding 和 as regards 都是標準且同義的介系詞片語,雖然長度比 about 和 concerning 略長且變化較多,但意思大致相同,意為「關於」:He knew nothing regarding [as regards, in regard to, with regard to] the case.
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Use regarding in a sentence
How to use regarding in a sentence. Example sentences with the word regarding. regarding example sentences. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of
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如何避免在英文翻譯中使用中文句型:Regarding,When Comparing,Because等用法

如何避免在英文翻譯中使用中文句型:Regarding,When Comparing,Because等用法 作者: Steve Wallace 發布日期: 2014 / 8 / 15, 29056 人已瀏覽. 華樂絲現在有提供論文編修翻譯預付方案!請洽詢:02-25555830了解更多!
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How to use “regarding” in a sentence
The rules regarding rackets have changed over time, as material and engineering advances have been made. Olivier dismissed the suggestion, regarding it as an insult to his integrity as an actor. A second directive, dated 29 November, issued detailed instructions regarding Byrd’s use of the organ in the liturgy.
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Rule “in/with regards to/of (regarding, with regard to)”

But, they would assist in some way regarding the criminal prosecution. Pattern: Show XML · Show in Rule Editor Check the following text against just this rule: ID: IN_OR_WITH_REGARDS_TO_OF Version: 5.3-SNAPSHOT (2021-01-25 21:33:03
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concerning 和 regarding在很多時候可以互換。不過concerning偏向于involving,即與某事有關之人或物,而regarding偏向于about,即關于某事本身。但這區別很模糊,只能說是習慣罷了。 issues concerning all the teachers 與全體教師有關的問題 notice regarding the
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Do you have any plans regarding to your job? 這句話中regarding to改成regarding 行不行 首頁 會員 發現 等你來答 登錄 加入知乎 英語 語法 英語語法 regarding和regarding to的用法區別是什么,好像意思都是關于?Do you have any plans regarding to your job? 這句
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請問regarding和with regards to有什么區別? 2016-12-06 Regard to 放在句首怎么用呢?取關于之意.是regarding to doing?還是其他形式呢? 2017-10-17 解釋為“關于”時,considering,regarding用法有區別嗎? 2017-11-15 regarding,concerning,with regards to,concerned都
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discuss about or discuss regarding?
Some examples from the web: I think it is important to discuss about what is happening in this house.Well, there are things that we can discuss about your condition, but I’m afraid in terms of your participating in the study, this type of dysfunctionHe wants to …
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Rule “Regarding to (regard to/regarding)”
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15/1/2021 · Noun [] regarding (plural regardings) The act by which something is regarded or observed. 1844, Pope Gregory I, Morals on the Book of Job] God Invisible by the assumption of His Manhood was laid open to the regardings of our sight. 1851, Herman Melville, Moby-Dick
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Define regarding. regarding synonyms, regarding pronunciation, regarding translation, English dictionary definition of regarding. prep. In reference to; …
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